Altendorf Forum

Bringing friends of the company together.

More and more Altendorf users are requesting information about new developments, asking application-related questions or simply looking to swap notes with other professionals.

That's why we've set up the Altendorf Forum.

The Altendorf Forum is more than just a place to meet.
The Altendorf Forum isn't actually a place. At least not a place in the physical sense where people can meet up regularly in person. You can take part in the Altendorf Forum anywhere in the world: at trade fairs, at conferences, at events, at in-house exhibitions. Or during factory visits in Minden.

And the occasions for our meetings can be just as diverse as the event locations themselves: a trade fair, a conference – or something as simple as a new product presentation, a new service or a special campaign.

And this is where it gets exciting!

Friends of the company will receive exclusive notifications.
It’s worth taking care of special friendships. That's why we'll be sending out special notifications to friends of the company.

So please let us have your e-mail address if you'd like to receive information about innovations, products, services, offers, campaigns or events – we'd welcome the opportunity to get in touch with you.

It's the taking part that counts!

Register here!